Google wants to teach you how to use data with Fusion Tables

Data is an important part of most jobs nowadays. Whether you are focusing on stats, surveys, test scores or demographics, most of us have to get down to the math at some point. Google knows this and wants to show you how to utilize data.

The Search Giant is holding a free online course that will help you and teach you how to use data. This course is called “Making Sense of Data”.

Making Sense of Data details

This course will be available from March 18 to April 4 (this is tomorrow). You can register from the Making Sense of Data official website.

making-sense-of-dataWhat is awesome about this course is that it will be more interactive than we think a web course would be. You will get support from peers and Google experts.

Your instructors will be Googlers Amit Deutsch and Joe Hellerstein. But you should also learn the requirements before you move forward.


  • Internet-enabled desktop or laptop.
  • Google account.

The catch: Fusion Tables

This is not exactly a catch, but Google is looking to get a little something back. Nothing in life is free, right?

Google will be teaching you how to use its own data management service – Fusion Tables. Fusion Tables allow users to visualize spreadsheets. It easily turns data into charts and graphs.

Fusion Tables support pie charts, bar charts, lineplots, scatterplots, timelines and even maps.