Knowledge Graph helps Google answer more complex questions


Google’s Knowledge Graph will make searching much smarter. It holds information that is important online, meaning it should be important for most users. This will not only grant you better results, though. It is also allowing Google to answer much more complicated questions!

Google Now-style questions have been pretty limited so far. You can ask how tall Barack Obama is, the mass of the Earth and the weather, but there is a lot of information online Google can take advantage of! That is exactly what this Knowledge Graph is doing. Here is an example of what Google Search can now respond to:


This was done solely with voice, using the beta extension “Google Voice Search Hotword“. The question is no longer straight forward and Google responded me with a name and description (in voice).

Pretty neat, right? We are getting much closer to the conversational voice search Google promised last May. You can go ahead and give this a try. It is quite fun!

To what interesting questions have you guys received answers from Google?