Did you know Google can help you with your Geometry homework?


We know Google can solve simple problems, but it can also help you with much more complicated math problems. Google happens to be a geometry expert. The Search Giant offers tools to solve geometry problems. You can find any figure or shape’s area, volume, distance and other properties.

How do I access Google’s geometry help?

Getting access to these helpful tools is rather simple. This is all part of Google Search, and shows up as a Google Now-like card. All you need to do is search for what you want to find.


For example, you can search for “area of a right triangle” and you will be presented with the right triangle card. This search result will help you find the area, but you can also find the hypotenuse, perimeter and leg distances. To change what you are looking for, simply slick on the last word of the part that says “Solve for _____”.

Likewise, you can look for the volume of a cube, the radius of a circle, the height of a cylinder and most other geometry problems you can think of.

Go check it out! This would have been a great tool to have when I was learning Geometry back in the day. Kids just have it too easy these days.