Google+ Hangouts now offer remote desktop control


I first used remote desktop with MSN Messenger. I immediately fell in love with said feature. Being able to control a friend’s computer without worrying about the distance barrier was out of this world. Since then, many similar solutions have come and gone, but remote desktop continues to be an important service. This is why Google has decided to release Hangouts Remote Desktop (only for desktop, not mobile yet).

With Google+ Hangouts Remote Desktop you can allow your computer to be controlled by a friend, or vice versa. It will prove to come in handy when that non-techy friend or family member has computer problems and needs your aid. Or if you simply want to show your buddies how to do something.

Of course, the user will need to give others permission to take control of the computer. You will need to install the app order to get access to Hangouts Remote Desktop. Simply go to View More Apps > Add Apps > Hangouts Remote Desktop from the Hangout window and give it a go!

Don’t forget a good prank here and there is also good. So feel free to turn off your friend’s computer after you are done helping. That one is my favorite!


[Source: Google+ Via: Phandroid]