Google clears out all the Glass myths


Chrome is widely accepted all over the world. In fact, it is the most popular browser in existence, but not all Google products are perceived in such a welcoming manner. Google Glass is a clear example of people’s fear of new technology. This is mostly caused by lack of knowledge, which is something Google is working hard to fix.

They recently published a “Don’t be a Glasshole” post. In a way, it’s the dos and don’ts of Google Glass. It gave Glass Explorers a set of standards to try and be a responsible Glass wearer. Think of it as the Google Glass commandments. Now it’s time to educate the people, though!

Most people don’t know about Google Glass, making them uneasy when seeing it (especially the first time). They may believe Explorers are stalking them, taking images and video, or violating their privacy in a hundred ways. I have seriously seen people asking if it’s possible to see through clothes with Google Glass.

Google has posted an extensive Google Glass Myths post on Google+, aiming to educate users on what Glass can do and not do.


Google Glass Myths

  • Myth 1 – Glass is the ultimate distraction from the real world
  • Myth 2: Glass is always on and recording everything
  • Myth 3 – Glass Explorers are technology-worshipping geeks
  • Myth 4 – Glass is ready for prime time
  • Myth 5: Glass does facial recognition (and other dodgy things)
  • Myth 6: Glass covers your eye(s)
  • Myth 7 – Glass is the perfect surveillance device
  • Myth 8 – Glass is only for those privileged enough to afford it
  • Myth 9 – Glass is banned… EVERYWHERE
  • Myth 10 – Glass marks the end of privacy

These are only the main topics. Google goes into deeper detail on each one of these myths. Of course, you can check out all the info straight from Google’s Google+ post.

What do you think?

I believe people are definitely freaking out too much about Glass. In terms of privacy, there is nothing to worry about. I have used Google Glass and can tell you people are not recording all day long, especially when battery life is horrendous. You have to also be looking straight at a person if you want to record or take a picture of him/her. This makes it an obvious action.

When it comes to safety, there is also nothing to worry about. Yes, Google Glass can be distracting, but not more so than any other device. Like with any technology, you have to be responsible with it. You should be checking your notifications and social networks when you are driving… or at least not often.

Think of it like this. I have seen people driving while looking at maps, so should we be scared of maps or ban them? No, people simply have to be more responsible about how they use them. The same applies to Google Glass and everything else.

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