Google: “Don’t be a Glasshole!”


Is there such a thing as Google Glass etiquette? Glass is a new technology, and as such, it will take some time to get public acceptance (if it ever does). To ease Glass into the market, Glass users need to abide by certain standards.

Google has put together a set of standards for Glass Explorers. In a way, you can say this is the Glass Bible – the dos and don’ts of Google Glass. All put together in a very nice list.

Check out the Google Glass do’s and don’ts

This is not exactly Chrome related, but I learning about new technologies is important to all of us. After all, Glass and Chrome are both made by Google. We are sure both technologies will somehow work together in the future.

It’s a rather interesting list. Some of these are pretty obvious for a respectful person. Simply imagine it’s like any other device. Would you walk up to a person at a bar and start taking video or photos without recording? Do you think it’s respectful to stalk others? You definitely wouldn’t like it if someone did it to you.

It may all be common sense, but I believe sometimes we get overly excited about our new technology toys. So much that we forget, but let’s remember we must make a good impression on the general population so that this technology can be accepted and grow.


Here are some example’s of Google Glass dos and don’ts:

  • DO ask for permission
  • DO use a lockscreen
  • DO take advantage of Google voice commands
  • DON’T wear it and expect to be ignored
  • DON’T Glass-out
  • DON’T be creepy or rude (aka. a “Glasshole”)

As a new type of device, Google Glass has been getting some attention. A Glass Explorer has already been fined (though she won the court case) for using Google Glass while driving. Likewise, some bars and other businesses have been banning Glass. One user even got in trouble with Homeland Security for wearing Glass in a theater!

It’s normal for people to be worried about a technology that they don’t know much about. The vast majority of the population has never even heard of them! It’s up to users to set the first impressions.

For more details, you can always check Google’s Glass etiquette site. But what do you guys think – do you feel Glass users can be creeps?