Google Apps users enjoying Google Drive presentation support for Chromecast?

Chromecast Development

Past rumors indicate that Google has been working on bringing Chromecast support to Google Drive. This would allow users to conduct presentations (such as slideshows) without needing to use any cables or even mirroring the display. This feature has been hidden for a while – some can access it some can’t, and it seems we have found the factor that allows some to use this feature.


Reddit user NavarrB seems to have given us the missing link. He reports that for some reason he is able to do presentations via Chromecast. He later, in the comments, states he is a Google Apps user, which made us wonder if that had anything to do with it.

Who can use Google Drive presentations with Chromecast?

Google Apps users usually get things late, but for some reason they seem to be able to do presentation via Chromecast before everyone else. We went ahead and asked 3 of our friends to test this feature with their Google Apps accounts, as well as their regular accounts.

In all instances, our testers were able to get this to work on their Google Apps accounts, while they didn’t have the same luck with their regular accounts!

Why are Google Drive presentations via Chromecast special?

Sore, we can all hook up a computer to the TV. Hell, there are other ways to stream a presentation wirelessly – many have been using Apple TV for a long time. What makes Chromecast support special?

chromecast-tvFirst, it’s a $35 device that will do more than just presentations. Especially with so many developers working to support the HDMI dongle. Second, users can already use Chromecast for presentation by mirroring a tab. There is much more to official support than just that, though, and that is what makes this exciting.

This Chromecast feature allows you to cast your Google Drive content without mirroring. You can stream your presentation while you look at your notes in your computer, or search for information online. It adds a whole other dimension to presentations.

When can I do presentations via Chromecast?

We are not sure when Google will be releasing this to the public, but we are glad to know the team is working on it. On the other hand, Google Apps users can go ahead and test the feature to see if it works! Let us know how that goes, in the comments!

We can’t be far from getting full support, and we sure hope not only desktop users get it. We would like to see it coming to Chrome OS and mobile platforms, as well!