Google+ comments come to Blogger

Blogging, by nature, is a very social form of communication. Not only can one share information with people across the globe, but one can also get feedback from the audience and engage in great conversations. In an attempt to merge its social network with other services, Google has announced Google+ comments to Blogger.

It will work much like Facebook’s blog commenting system. The reader will simply have to be signed in to his/her Google Account and Google+ commenting has to be enabled by the blog owner.


Not only will the comments appear in the comments section within the post, but they will also appear on Google+. Likewise, Google+ conversations about the blog post will show up in the blog post’s comments (even if it was not posted directly there). The same privacy standards are applied to this system: users will be able to choose what circles or people see the comments.

This is a very interesting way for Google to integrate its social network to the blogging community. They are already taking advantage of Google+ in the Play Store, Gmail, Picasa, Search and more. Google+ really has the potential to grow with Google’s merging techniques.

We are hoping the feature will come to other blogging services. WordPress is one of the largest, so Google should really look into spreading the love there. Would you guys like to see Google+ commenting in It might be possible soon!