Google looking for Linux Chrome Aura testers


There are not many Linux users around, so it’s a little hard for Google to get Chrome testers for said platform. The Search Giant is currently looking for testers for the Linux users to test Chromium Aura build and report issues to

What is Chromium Aura?

Chrome and the web continues to evolve with new features and improvements, but so far the browser UI hasn’t changed much. Aura is the first step towards the browser of the future. The UI has been improved with visual enhancements, which are supported by GPU acceleration to make everything smoother.

You will recognize the Aura UI quickly if you have been using a Chromebook. Chrome OS is the first to feature the improved UI by default, which is why Chrome looks much more snazzy on Google’s laptops.


Testing Chromium Aura

“Aura is really cool but still young on Linux. I therefore encourage the most reckless among you to compile your own builds of Chromium Aura.

If you’re already familiar with the build process, it is just a matter of running export GYP_DEFINES=”use_aura=1″ before building it. And if you’re on Gentoo, it is even easier to enable it with the USE=”aura” flag.” -François Beaufort

Linux users can go ahead and give Chromium Aura builds a look. The interface may not be very advanced in Linux, but it’s a great start to a better web experience. To learn more, you can hit the source links and do your research. Just remember, Chromium and Linux (and linux) are not for the faint of heart.

[ via François Beaufort]