Google celebrates 500 Chrome Experiments

It is hard to believe it has only been 3.5 years after Google launched, a site dedicated to showcase projects that can display the web’s potential. You will find all types of experiments, from digital musical instruments to work tools for every individual. It is very interesting to see all the projects that have been submitted, but today is an even more special day for Chrome Experiments, as they are celebrating their 500th experiment.

In fact, the Chrome team has taken the 500th spot and released a festive experiment. This Chrome Experiment, is a simple site that displays the number 500 made out of 500 particles (one for every submitted project). You can play around with these by making them move around and selecting filters to look at specific types of experiments.

Look at it as an interactive and fun table of contents. You can look around for cool experiments, separate them by category and play around with them. So go ahead and have some fun with what the web is capable of!

[Source: Google Chrome Blog]