Google updates Cast Design Checklist, keeping the experience consistent


How do you keep a platform like Chromecast, with so many supported apps, consistent across all devices and services? There has to be some kind of control to ensure developers won’t just go nuts and and start making inconsistent Chromecast experiences.

Google has a Cast Design Checklist which ensures that users feel familiar with the Chroemcast-supported apps, regardless of which one they are using. This checklist has just been updated and improved. Developers will now have a better idea of how to keep the Chromecast experience parallel with other apps, as well as more enjoyable for the user.


How was the Google Cast Design Checklist updated?

  • Updated checklist titles
  • More clearly defined “Required” & “Best practices”
  • Added sender / receiver screenshot pairs to all states
  • Added animated gifs for loading & connecting states
  • Added terminology section
  • Updated Chrome guidelines to reflect current requirements
  • More clearly defined requirements for Sender stops cast
  • More clearly defined requiremnts for Sender resumes cast

It’s always interesting to see what goes into making or improving an app. There are so many factors we take for granted, but the developer spends precious hours working hard at making our Chromecast experiences possible.

There is a lot of information on what goes into the design of Chromecast supported apps in the Google Cast Design Checklist. And with more GIFS and information, developers can now do a better job and focus on what’s really important – making an awesome app.

Any developer interesting in bringing Chromecast functionality to his/her app should check out the Google Cast Design Checklist. It’s very interesting, so you should check it out even if it’s just to look into the process of bringing Cast functionality to an app.


Here goes for a brighter future for Chromecast! We hope more improvements and updates to this checklist are implemented. We know it will only result in a better experience for the user (us), so we will let you know whenever we learn more about this.

[Google Cast Design Checklist]