Gmail search now displaying Google Drive and Calendar results


If you are like me, Gmail is probably the center of your Google experience. Gmail is the first thing I check in the morning. It also occupies the first tab when I open Chrome, and it stays there all day. I literally don’t close the Gmail tab until I go to sleep (and sometimes not even then). This is why I am loving the new feature Google has just announced.

Users will now be able to get results from Google Drive, calendar and other Google services when they search via Gmail. You can even use it to search the web (option shows up upon typing your search words). The feature is much more helpful than it sounds. Saves you time and hassle when searching for stuff in your Google services.

I already have the feature and must say it works like a charm. Not everyone has access to it yet, though. Google will be rolling it out over the coming week, so keep your eyes open for a neat surprise sometime soon!