Folders now included in Chrome Bookmarks Search


Google is busy working with its new products and features, but there are certain issues here and there we still need fixed. Such is the case with Chrome’s inability to search for folders in Bookmarks Search. One is able to search for bookmarks, but not for complete folders, which is a huge oversight. This has now been fixed, though!

The last Chromium build includes folder compatibility in the Chrome Bookmarks Search. You will be able to start searching for your bookmark folders and directly access their contents through the Bookmark Manager search field.

It’s nice to get the details sorted out. The exciting, new features are always nice, but it’s better to get past issues fixed before we move to bigger plans. With this move, Google closes a request that has been open since 2009! Our friend François Beaufort claims it’s all thanks to an “external contribution”, followed by a wink.


[François Beaufort]