Download Chromecast wallpapers


Those of us who use Chromecast will probably agree that its screen saver displays some of the best images in existence. These are taken by renown photographers and are amazing pieces of work. Sometimes I just wish I could download one and use it as a wallpaper!

It’s a bit hard to get a hold of these. These images show up in your screen when you are not streaming, and are replaced often. They show the photographer’s name, but you might forget it or not catch it in time. And it takes forever for the same photo to show up again!

We recently found out this screensaver is actually a simple website, but you can’t really download the images from there. You could take a screenshot, but it won’t give you the image in full resolution.

So, how can you get these images? Github user dconnolly has put together a collection of all the images that are in the Chromecast screensaver, as well as the ones that have been there in the past.

Download Chromecast images from Github


These are in full resolution and have no writing or anything, so they are the perfect images to use as wallpapers!

You can go ahead and check out the Github page. It will probably continue to get updated as more images get added, but there are over a hundred imaged in there. You will have more than enough images to enjoy.

I have already put one of these on my Chromebook Pixel and it has never looked better! Enjoy.

[via XDA]