Create files and folders from the Chromebook Files App, even when offline!

Chrome OS Dev has brought some amazing improvements with its latest update, including a new music player and pinch-to-zoom. But you didn’t think the fun was ending there, did you? This update is packed with neat features and you will love this one. The new Chrome OS Dev update also brings the ability to create files/folders from the Files App!


Simply head over to the Files App in your app launcher and click on the Settings button located on the top-right corner. This menu will now include the ability to create a new folder, as you can see in the image above.

The best part is you can even do this when offline! The Files App should sync to Google Drive later on, whenever it gets an internet connection.

This is great for those who are not keen on going to the website to better-organize their Google Drive files. I hate having to go to the website for this. I have the Files App, which should be much easier to manage (like a hard drive in a computer).

Heck, even the Google Drive programs for Windows and Mac OSX make it easier to manage files. Why is Chrome OS staying behind in this department? We still need more improvements to the Google Drove/Files App experience, but we are glad to see Google taking steps forward.

[François Beaufort]