Craigslist Preview: Browse Craigslist Infinitely More Efficiently

If you’re buying something on Craigslist, chances are you want to know what the heck you’re buying before you buy it. That’s exactly why many people only look at listings that include pictures. But still, then you’ve got to open up each individual listing and half the time the pictures end up either being terrible or just a random logo/picture included to entice you click.

Introducing “Craigslist Preview“, a Chrome Extension that allows you to see the pictures for each listing without even opening the listing! That’s right, when you’re browsing the listing pages it actually displays pictures for that listing underneath the title by pre-fetching them. Here is an example of browsing the “Antiques” section in Baltimore from the live Craigslist site:

Seriously, your Craigslist experience will be infinitely more enjoyable and efficient with Craigslist Preview- I highly suggest you install it today!