Cloud to Butt – the funniest Chrome extension you will ever find!

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Let’s step out of the ordinary Chrome extension reviews and have a blast for a while, shall we? I stumbled upon the funniest extension I have seen in my life. The concept is simple, and designed to give you random “LOLs” while reading your online content (especially if you read a lot of tech articles). The extension is called “Cloud to Butt”.

What exactly does it do? Well, it does exactly what the title entails. It switches the word “cloud” to the word “butt”. Every single time the word “Cloud” shows up in Chrome, it will just be switched to “Butt”. This may sound a little silly and lame, but buy will you find some funny stuff once the extension is enabled!

Take this snippet from Google’s Cloud Platform Blog as an example:

“It’s logical, after all: If you have your data and infrastructure in my butt – or at least backed up to it – my butt serves as an ideal secondary location, immune to localized disasters or disruptions.”

Here’s one more from Wiki Answers:

Why do butts turn black when it is about to storm?

Some butts are white and some are “black” due to two chief reasons:
1) optical thickness and
2) viewpoint and/or background (contrast).

You get the point. It gets pretty hilarious! I am about to start adding this extension to my friends’ computers when they are not looking! Would be a great April Fool’s joke too. Or just a little something to crack you a smile when you are having a bad day.

Now get your head out of the cloud and get it straight from the Google Chrome App Store. Check it out! You won’t regret it.

[via Brandon King]