New Chromium password management lets you control passwords from bubble


Password management continues to be a bit of a hassle in Chrome. You have to go through confusing menus and jump around the settings, but such will not be the case soon. The Chromium team is working on an experimental UI for password management that will allow you to edit password info from the Omnibar. The UI recently got some enhancement and I must tell you it is looking nice!

Chrome extraordinaire François Beaufort has showed us what the “password bubble” interface looks like in the latest Chromium build. A “key” icon shows up at the far right side of the Omnibar, giving you the ability to access your password settings straight from there. Like so:

Click on the thumbnails to see details.

You can go ahead and activate this password management UI by enabling the enable-save-password-bubble switch in the latest Chromium build.

I must say the interface is looking rather snazzy. Not to mention it looks like one of the most useful features I have seen in a while. I am often changing passwords and sometimes I just choose to not go into the settings and updating them. It’s just too much of a hassle!

I, for one, will be glad to see this feature coming. Will you?

[François Beaufort]