With Chromium for Mac and Windows, your passwords are now safer

The option to show your passwords can be helpful when having mental cramps, but the feature is not exactly the safest. Anyone with access to your Chrome browser can go in and see your passwords, but such will not be the case soon. Chromium has been updated to ask for your system password before it is able to show you passwords to your sites and services.

First available on Mac OSX, the feature has just rolled out to Windows. Users will simply have to press the same “show” button in chrome://settings/passwords to get a second window for reauthentication. Like so:


This was a huge security oversight! This is why we are glad Google is hard at work, always improving Chrome and its features. This is the same reason why I never allow anyone to use my computers unless they are in guest mode. There is just so much information they can take.

Stay tuned and keep your passwords safe for now. This feature should be hitting the Chrome Stable version relatively soon.

[François Beaufort]