Chrome’s new stable release: Retina Display compatibility, gamepad support, “senses” and more

Chrome stands as the most popular browser, with improvements coming constantly. The latest stable release is not the exception when it comes to significant updates. Your favorite browser’s new features will improve your experience, as well as bring even better communication tools to the web.

In this update, Google focuses on its new getUserMedia API. This makes it possible for web apps to access your computer’s camera and microphone without the use of plug-ins. In Google’s terms, it gives the browser “senses,” with the ability to see and hear. This API is what makes Chrome Web Lab possible, as some of the features require the browser’s use of its “senses.”

This may be great news in the greater spectrum, but the update also brings immediate satisfaction to Chrome fans. Chrome now supports gamepads and is optimized for the new Macbook Pro’s super-high definition Retina Display.

In addition, Google Cloud Printing has received a much deeper integration with Chrome. This release “brings a new and improved printing experience for Google Cloud Print. Now your printers in Google Cloud Print are integrated right into Chrome’s print dialog, so you can easily print to your Cloud Ready printer, Google Drive, Chrome on your mobile device, or one of over 1,800 FedEx Offices.”

Said features have been available in beta for quite some time, so many of us have been taking advantage of them. But are one of those that prefer sticking with stable versions, your browser should now prompt you to update. Simply jump to the latest release or download Chrome to enjoy these welcomed improvements.

[Source: Google]