Chromecatch – turns your iPad into a Chromecast display


The Chromecast may be affordable, but it doesn’t beat a $1 price point. Not to mention, it is really annoying to see the Chromecast out-of-stock wherever you go. If you can’t get your hands on a Chromecast and have an iPad/iPhone, you may be able to use a handy iOS app and make it all work!

Chromecatch is an iOS app that turns your iPad or iPhone into a full-fledged Chromecast receiver. Just download the app, open it and you are ready to cast! I have tested it with my iPad mini and Android smartphone and it doesn’t work flawlessly, though. I can watch my YouTube and Netflix videos without a problem, but some features seem to be having problems


Upon trying to cast one of my Chrome tabs, the iPad screen simply goes black and the Chromecast extension on Chrome gives me an error message. Likewise, I am not able to stream from my Google Play Music app to Chromecatch.

I can’t seem to find what the issue is, but I will be testing the app for a few more days and bring you more details on my experience. It doesn’t seem fair to pay $1 for an app that doesn’t work as well, right? Meanwhile, you can download it from the Apple App Store if you want, or wait until I have put it through the tests. Can you think of any other tests you want me to run? Let me know in the comments!