Chromecast apps are about to show up! Google Play Services SDK updated to v4.2


Third-party developer apps with Chromecast support are about to start showing up, guys! Like us, you were probably wondering where all the Chromecast apps where after Google released the Google Cast APK. They should have shown up right away, right?

There was a piece missing in the equation, which stopped developers from updating the apps with support to the HDMI dongle. Google made developers wait until the new version of the Google Play Services SDK was released.

This wouldn’t happen until Google finished rolling out version 4.2 of the Google Play Services app, which is why popular app Dayframe had to be taken back to its previous version. This is all part of the past now, though!

Google has just finished rolling out the latest version of the Google Play Services app and the SDK has been updated! It is only a matter of time (probably not much time, at that) before all the Chromecast-supported apps start showing up!

Get ready to cast, guys.

[Android Developers]