Chromecast app updated – awesome new design!


The Chromecast app for Android has received a nice little update. To be more specific, it’s more of a re-design. The app now takes design hints from Google’s latest projects. The slide-out side menu, which makes the experience much more aesthetically-pleasing.

Screenshot_2013-11-22-11-36-03The app welcomes you with the ‘Devices’ page, which (of course) shows the available Cast devices in your network. From there, you can either sync or access the slide-out menu. This secondary menu gives you access to the ‘Devices’, ‘Discover Apps’ and ‘Settings’ sections.

To make it clear, the ‘Discover Apps’ is not really part of the app. It’s a link to the Google Play Store. It takes you to a page that displays Chromecast-compatible apps in their full glory, so you can download them and get started with your brand new Chroemcast.

We don’t put much attention to this app in a regular basis, so we didn’t really expect it to get an update. In fact, all it’s really good for is for setting up your HDMI dongle. After that you don’t need to ever see it again, but it’s good to see Google trying to keep its apps uniform.