Chromecast app comes to iOS, allows Apple users to set up the device


Google’s intention may be to cater the Chromecast streaming dongle to everyone, regardless of what platform you may prefer. Truth is Android users are (and probably will continue to) gettting preference. Only Android users have been enjoying the Chromecast app so far, but today iOS users can finally give it a go.

The Chromecast app has just become available for iOS devices, giving users the ability the ability to set up and manage their streaming dongle. Don’t get too excited just yet, though, because that is about the only thing this app can do.

chromecast-ios-screenContrary to common belief, the Chromecast app doesn’t open any other doors. You can stream videos from a few sources, including YouTube and Netflix. There are is also the tab mirroring Chrome feature, though, which makes it a much more enticing device.

This is not enough to make Apple users run out and buy a Chromecast, though. iOS users have been enjoying these features with Apple TV for a while and many prefer to just stick to that. Even if it does cost almost 3 times the price of the $35 Chromecast. Hell, even Android users are wondering if the Chromecast is worth it.

Chromecast needs to start supporting more apps and services. Support for more apps is definitely coming, but we only have to wonder how fast iOS apps will be updated (compared to Android). At least now you can set up your dongle with your iOS devices, though! Go get it straight from the Apple App Store and let us know what you think. How many of our iOS-using readers will be using the Chromecast?

[via iSource]