Chromebox for Meetings setup is unbelievably simple

We are still not sure if we quite like Chromebox for Meetings, but for some businesses it might be everything they have been hoping for. It’s more affordable than other PC/video conferencing solutions, reliable, simple and very easy to set up.

As you can see in the video above, it takes just a bit over a minute to set up Chromebox for Meetings after you have everything plugged in. The video is made by the popular Googler François Beaufort. He mentions it’s a very simple and straight forward process. And it certainly looks like it!

In fact, I would say this set-up is easier than most other devices out there, which is rare for a device meant for enterprise. Most of it really is about making sure your accessories are working (mic, speaker, camera, etc.).


There is one trick, though! You do need a business Google Account to access this. This Meetings interface works in Kiosk mode, which is what allows the IT department to control the device and keep it secure. In this mode, only one app is available and it’s on full-screen mode.

Will you be getting Chromebox for Meetings?

At $1000, it’s hard to justify a Chromebox bundle for any consumer. For a business it might be a steal, though. This package does come with Google’s one year management and support fee. Not to mention, Chromebox for Meetings customers get the best Chromebox versions available in the USA.

The ASUS Chromebox is only available in Inter Core i3 and i5 versions for the consumer, while this business Chromebox features a powerful Intel Core i7 processor. This will give you the video performance you need, as well as the possibility of making it a very nice Chrome OS machine!

Those who are not big fans of the ASUS Chromebox will be able to also get the HP Chromebox when it gets released later this year. Of course, you could always buy all the accessories and set this up yourself. You are really paying for the benefit of having Google’s support, better hardware, and a hassle-free set-up.

Is that worth the price to you? Who is trying to sign up for Chromebox for Meetings? You can do so by contacting their sales department, if you are interested.