Chromebox users can now adjust monitor brightness with keyboard shortcuts


The latest Chrome OS Dev update brings very cool features, like the new settings window. Chromebox users probably got the neatest of all improvements, though. Chromebox users can now control screen brightness straight from the keyboard’s brightness keys.

This will be a very neat feature for those who have already purchased an ASUS Chromebox. Having to adjust the brightness from the monitor settings can be a bit of a mess. The buttons are usually hidden away and the menus can be complicated to navigate. Using any keyboard’s brightness keys is much more convenient.

This feature is not available to everyone, though. There are some requirements.

Requirements for enabling brightness control on a Chromebook

How to activate Chromebox brightness control

If you meet both requirements, you can easily enable this feature and start controlling your monitor brightness from your Chromebox keyboard. Like most Chrome OS Dev features, this has to be enabled first. Here is how it’s done:

  • Open your Chrome browser.
  • Type chrome://flags/#ash-enable-brightness-control into the omnibar and press enter.
  • Enable the brightness control feature.
  • You are all set!