Tip of the day: Chromebook Pixel power button has multiple functions


I hate that there are so many features hidden in Chromebooks that no manual ever tells you about. The power button has one of these hidden features. I had no idea about it before François Beaufort shared it on Google+, so I thought it would be good to share with fellow Chromebook Pixel users.

The Chromebook Pixel power button can actually be used for two functions: turning off/on the computer (of course) and logging off from your current account. Here is how it works.

How to use the Chromebook Pixel power button

  • Press the power button for 1 second: you will be logged off from the current account.
  • Press the power button for longer than 1 second: your computer will torn off.

This is a very nice tip for Chromebook Pixel users. I tested it and it works flawlessly. It’s impressive how hard it is to discover such hidden treasures, but you can be sure your Chromespot friends are always trying to help you get better use of all your Chrome services and devices.

We would also be interested in knowing if this feature happens to work with any other Chromebook. We would love it if you guys can test it out for us! Also let us know if you happen to know similar tricks or other hidden gems.