Those who want to sign up for Google Play Music All Access need to pay $9.99 per month. It is a worthy service, with unlimited access to Google’s entire music library, but it’s hard to buy into it without testing it first. Sometimes Google gives free trials, and today Chromebook users are in luck.

Chromebook Play Music All Access free trial details

Google is offering a very generous 60-day free trial for All Access to Chromebook users. This is much more than what Google usually offers as a free trial, which is usually 30 days.

Not everyone qualifies

There is one main requirement: Chromebook users are only qualified to take this free 60-day trial if they have not used a free-trial in the past. This means you can’t take advantage of this deal if you have already used the 1-month trial Google offered when All Access was first launched. Or if you used a free trial any time between now and then.

It also seems like some Chromebook users are getting left out. It has been reported that users with an Acer AC6700, Google CR-48 or Samsung Series 5 Chromebook can’t get in on the deal. Pretty disappointing, if you ask us.


How to get your 60-day free-trial

If you are all set to get your free 60-day All Access trial and you qualify, it’s very simple to sign up. This All Access free trial comes to you in the form of a Chromebook Goodie. Chromebook Goodies are the free perks you get when you purchase a new Chrome OS computer.

These deals can include free Google Drive storage, free Gogo internet passes and more. This time, of course, it’s all about Google Play Music. We have already showed you how to get your Goodies, but let’s go over the details for this offer.

  • Turn your Chromebook on and sign in with your Google account.
  • Make sure you have your Chromebook updated to the latest version.
  • Go to
  • Click on the Play Music All Access offer.
  • Follow instructions.

You should be all set after following those simple steps. Do remember you have until September 30, 2014 to sign up for this offer. You should act before then.

Should you sign up for Google Play Music All Access?

Now let’s go back to the battle of the cloud music services. Is All Access worth your hard-earned cash? I canceled my subscription because I simply find no value on it (based on my personal preferences). I am not much of a music adventurer and usually stick to the music I already own.

When I had All Access, I realized I was only listening to a couple or few new songs per month. This means it would actually be cheaper for me if I just purchased the new songs. Not only would it be more affordable, but I would get to keep the songs forever. Using Google Play Music on its own is my best deal.

Now, if you love discovering new music and spend more of your monthly allowance on new music, All Access can be a good investment. OR who knows, maybe you have other services you prefer! How do you guys handle your music? All local, subscription services or just cloud storage?