You can now stream to a Chromecast while your Chromebook is closed!


I have to say this is one of the neatest features I have seen in a while. Those who want to cut chords have been enjoying the Chromecast, but what if the device could get deeper Chrome OS integration? Chromebooks can now stream to a Chromecast device with the laptop lid closed!

This feature is currently only available for Chroem OS Dev users, but just knowing that it is in the works should get you going. This is essentially turning your Chromecast+TV into an external monitor. Simply connect your keyboard and mouse, close the lid and you are set to go.

Or you could simply close the lid when you are streaming something, instead of turning the brightness all the way down to avoid distractions. Now, there could be some bugs and issues. This is in beta, after all, but let’s hope the feature comes to the stable version soon!

[François Beaufort]