Chrome World Wide Maze uses Android devices as a gaming controller [VIDEO]

Google Experiments are always fun to play around with, but we haven’t been this excited about one for a very long time. World Wide Maze is not only cool, but it displays what the future of internet/cloud gaming could be like. The experiment turns any website into a maze where a Chrome ball has to make it from one end to the other. The interesting part is that it uses your smartphone as a controller (gyroscope), using only your Google account to connect from the desktop to the mobile device.

That is right – no cables, no bluetooth, no nothing. Only the internet holds a connection between the game in your computer screen and your smartphone. From there, one can use the smartphone’s motion capabilities to move the ball around. It is really quite fun, and it can be done with any website.

This concept really displays how powerful the internet is. Imagine if Google started selling controllers that had WiFi and connected to chrome? Or if we could use our phones as controllers for games in the cloud? This experiment could be opening the doors to very interesting possibilities, guys.

Check out the video and go have fun with it!

[Source: World Wide Maze]