Chrome updates bring longer battery life and simplified permissions

One of the beauties of Chrome is the constant and seamless updates. One doesn’t even notice them most times, but if you keep a close eye you will know they come quite often. Most are small and unnoticeable, but you can notice some major improvements after using the popular browser for some time after the update. The latest one, for example, bring longer battery life and simplified permissions.

Longer battery life is accomplished by enabling GPU-accelerated video decoding, instead of making the power-hungry CPU do all the work. According to Google’s tests, battery life was improved by 25% on Windows while using GPU-accelerated graphics, which is no small accomplishment.

Google has also added permission shortcuts that can be accessed vie the URL box (omnibox). Simply click the page or lock icon left to the URL and a list of options will appear, saving you the time and hassle of going through the settings menu.

These updates were released with today’s Windows stable release, so those of us using Mac (or any other OS) will have to wait a bit. Until then, the majority of the world can now enjoy these new features! You can simply update Chrome, or download it if you haven’t yet. Enjoy!

[Source: Google Chrome Blog]