Here’s how to get Chrome’s old ‘New Tab’ back!

chrome update 1

Most of you know how much I hate the Chrome “features” that came with the latest update. I was a bit open-minded about the search bar in the New Tab page, but hiding my Recently Closed tabs and putting the apps on my bookmarks? We are stepping back, Google. First thing that came to mind: how do I get rid of this?!

Many of my fellow bloggers and friends were just giving me ways to kind of make the new setup more bearable. But that is not what I want. I just want my New Tab to look the way it used to, and witha bit of looking around it can be done!

How to get the old “New Tab” page back

  • Type chrome://flags on your omnibar (address bar) and press enter.
  • Look for the “Enable Instant Extended API” option and disable it.
  • Quit Chrome and restart it.
  • You are set!

Screen Shot 2013-09-27 at 2.37.54 PM

That was all simple and nice, right? Just click some buttons, move some things around and you are back to good ol’ Chrome!

It is important to note that some new functionality will be lost, though. For example, I no longer have access to the new Google bar, which was meant to unify Chrome and Google services across devices.

I actually liked the new Google Bar, but I don’t mind losing it if that means getting my normal New Tab page back. I use the Recently Closed option way too often and the other “improvements” are a bit annoying for me.

Will you be switching back to Chrome’s previous New Tab setup?