Chrome update fixes HTC One speakerphone bug


Chrome for Android has just received what seems like a very insignificant update. The “What’s New” section in the Google Play Store simply says “Stability and security updates”, which is usually not something to write home about. This update has a fix that may make many of you very happy, though.

The latest Chrome for Android update fixes an issue that has been haunting HTC One users for a while – the speakerphone bug. This bug made speakerphone mode go on every time one placed a call. Those Boomsound speakers are not weak, so you can imagine this caused more than a few uncomfortable situations.

Not all HTC One users seem to have experienced the cumbersome bug, bug those who did can now update their Chrome browsers to get the issue fixed. Isn’t it interesting how important the Chrome browser is for a device? I would have never guessed such issue would be caused by the browser.

Update the Chrome Browser from the Google Play Store