Chrome rich notifications come to Mac

Mac users will be happy to know that they now have access to rich notifications. Current Chrome notifications are good, but there is much more Google can do to improve them. Rich notifications improve the feature’s aesthetics and functionality.


Rich Notifications is displayed in the left side of the image above. With the new notifications, web apps and extensions can put a small image of relevance in the notification. Got an email from a friend? Quickly see who it is by seeing a thumbnail of their profile image. That is just one example, but you can see how Chrome’s rich notifications can improve the experience.

Chrome Canary, Beta and Dev Channel users can now type chrome://flags in their omnibar and enable the “Enable Rich Notifications” section. Works like a charm! And it may be a hint at what could be coming to Mac and Windows in the near future.

Rumors of Google Now coming to Chrome have been spreading around the inter webs. We won’t hold our breath for it just yet, but Google I/O is less than 2 weeks away!

[Source: Chromium Via: François Beaufort]