Chrome OS “OK Google” feature will let you open apps via voice


Google’s “hotword” voice features are set to be very well-integrated into Chrome OS. We have already seen how it will work, and you can actually test it, but it seems Google is working on much more than regular search. You might be able to open apps with voice, in the future!

The guys at OMG Chrome have discovered that Google is already testing this in Chrome’s Canary Channel. You can say “OK Google” and then ask the computer to open certain applications for you. These include pretty much only Google Apps, such as Google Keep and Files.

Adding “.com” would simply open the spoken website, whereas simply saying anything else will do a Search for you. I am excited to see such features arriving Chrome and Chrome OS. We know Google is working on integrating the hotword feature to Chrome (it’s only available via an extension for now).

Once all is said and done, and this reaches Stable Channel, we should be able to have some good fun with voice actions on Chroembooks!