Chrome OS Notification Center revealed, unified messaging service takes a peek

Earlier rumors of Google Now coming to Chrome have evolved. Now we know a new notification center is in the works and developer François Beaufort is giving us a first look at it. As aesthetically pleasing as Google Now, this new center seems to mix notifications from multiple services. It looks like we have Google Voice, Messenger and Google+ alerts in there. But wait, what is that icon pinned to the bottom of the screen?

What may be ignored at first glance seems to be a new IM service. Judging by the quantity of text bubbles, it may be a unified messaging center of sorts. Users have been begging Google to mix Google Talk, Messenger and Hangouts, blending them into the ultimate Google messaging service. Could it be Google has been listening to us?

It sure would be nice. We won’t know for sure until the official announcement comes around, but we have some exciting stuff to look forward to, guys!

[Developer François Beaufort]