Tip: Chrome OS Dev let’s you move apps from folder to folder, within the App List

Creating folders by dragging and dropping apps on top of each others is pretty standard. In fact, by now it should be a feature that all platforms have. Like with many other small features, this is not completely refined for Chrome OS, but Google continues to work on it.

Today we have a pretty neat tip for you. The last Chrome OS Dev update brought the ability to move an app in the App List from one folder to another. François Beaufort did a demo of the new feature and you can check it out in the following video.

This is not huge, but it is one of those updates that let us know Google continues to do a good job with Chrome OS. These may be small features, but put a lot of these small improvements together and it becomes a big deal. This is why these small improvements are important. They can make or break your experience.

[François Beaufort]