Chrome OS Dev users can now run multiple profiles at once

Using multiple profiles has been a bit of a struggle in Chrome OS. You have to log off and on constantly, which can be annoying if this is a feature you use often. The Chrome team is improving this by adding an experimental multi profiles feature to Chrome OS Dev.

How to activate multi profiles in Chrome OS Dev

This allows users to use multiple profiles simultaneously. You can switch between them easily, but remember this is still experimental. To turn the feature on, go to chrome://flags/#enable-multi-profiles and enable the multi profiles feature.

How to switch between profiles

Now that you are all set, using multi profiles is very simple. You can easily switch between accounts by using the following shortcuts.

  • Click on the System tray, click on your account photo and select “Sign in another account”.
  • You can also use the + + and + + shortcuts.

Taking windows from one account to the other

Another experimental feature the great François Beaufort points out is the fact you can take Chrome windows and tabs from one account to the other. You can see that in the video above. All you need to do is right-click on the Window’s top bar and select “Move window to ______”. Pretty neat, right?! Enjoy.

[François Beaufort]