Chrome OS Beta: you can now use alt+tab to access Window Overview


Migrating to a Chromebook is not only hard because of the difference in using apps/extensions and programs, but because ultimately many of the ways of performing tasks are different. Window overview is a clear example of that. Most of us ignore that it even exists because the function is hidden in the “windows” key (F5 equivalent), but now Chrome OS users can access it much like in Windows – using alt+tab.


This will give you a familiar feeling if you came from Windows (which most people do). Simply use the iconic alt+tab keyboard combination and you can switch back and forth your windows!

Ways to access Window Overview

  • Alt+tab, of course.
  • Use the Window Overview key (F5).
  • If you have a touch-screen swipe down the screen with 3 fingers.
  • Swipe down with 3 fingers on the touchpad.(Check out the video demonstration)

Of course, the alt+tab function (as well as some of the others) only works when you are using Chrome OS Beta and/or Chrome OS Dev. Switching to these channels will allow you to test all the new features, but it comes with the sacrifice of an unstable experience. You will find more bugs and issues in Beta and Dev channels, so be careful!