Chrome Office Viewer extension released by Google

Screen Shot 2013-04-25 at 1.18.07 PM

Google has been offering Microsoft Office support for Chrome OS, but so far other versions of the world’s most popular browser have been out of the equation. This changes today – Google has released the Chrome Office Viewer extension for Mac and Windows!

We have the Google Drive viewer, but it does extra work by converting the files, making the process slower. With Chrome Office Viewer, taking a look at your Microsoft Office documents is only as slow as your internet is (or how big the file is). We have tested it with Powerpoint, Word and Excel. It works just as it should. No hassles.

There is a bit of a catch, though. This is still a Beta product and it is not available for the general consumer. In order to download it you must have Chrome Beta. Of course, Chrome Canary and Dev Channel also work. If you have one of the non-consumer Chrome versions you can go straight to the Chrome Web Store and get the official Office Viewer.