Chrome users can now enjoy more photo editing features in Google+

Google+ puts a high focus on photo editing and quality. It is not parallel to Photoshop, of course, but Google’s social network now offers much fuller editing features. These features are powered by Google’s recent acquisition, Snapseed. So if you are a fan of the photo editing app, you will probably like this.

Of course, you can still take advantage of the older features (like auto-awesome, auto-enhance, etc.). You can now get more specific, though. You can make more specific changes now, both in the whole photo as well as in specific areas of the picture. In addition, one can use a variety of filters, frames and other effects.

There is one small discrepancy you may find. Most of us use Chrome around here, so we won’t even notice an issue. If you don’t, though, you will not be able to take advantage of these new features. These Snapseed features are only available using the Chrome browser. But other users can still crop and rotate. Or, you know… DOWNLOAD CHROME ALREADY!

The only way to get the whole experience is by trying it, so head over to Google+ and see if you got your update yet! The upgrade will be rolling out gradually, so you may have it already.