Chrome for Android updated with password and autofill sync

A huge reason why it can be annoying to use the mobile browser is how much harder it can be to operate in a smaller screen. This becomes a larger problem when one needs to fill out forms, which involves selecting different boxes and alternatively typing in a small keyboard. I would rather wait until I reach my computer. If you feel like me, you will be happy about today’s Chrome for Android update.


The new update brings forth autofill and password sync. This means that all your passwords and autofill information you have in your desktop browser will be synced with your mobile browser, making it easier and faster to deal with pesky forms while on the go. All you need to do is sign into your Google account on both your desktop browser(s) and Android device(s) and enable Google Sync.

Chrome Beta users have been enjoying this feature for about a month now. We must say – we are loving it! Google mentions the feature is rolling out now, so you might still not see the improvements right away. You know… patience is a virtue (one that many of us lack). The update also brings your usual bug fixes and performance boosters, so make sure you go to the Google Play Store and grab your goodies!

[Source: Google]