Chrome Experiment takes the URL off the Omnibar?

We are so used to seeing our URL and other website details in the Omnibar (address bar), but would it be a better idea to place it somewhere else? A new experiment in Chrome OS Dev is sending the URL and site chip to the right of the Omnibar – but why?


I honestly don’t see any advantage in having the URL to the right of the address bar (where extensions usually go). The update makes the Omnibar look really empty. We suppose it could be so that users understand its searching capabilities? You know, it’s not there just for the URL.

Not sure exactly what the point is, but I don’t like wasted space. Maybe Google has some plans for it in the future. Maybe they will get rid of the redundant search bar in the “New Tab” page! We are not sure, but if you want to test it here’s how.

How to place URL outside the Omnibar

Google Evangelist François Beaufort is saying he is already getting used to it, and maybe he is! There is a different between getting used to something and liking something, though. I am not quite sure about this one – what do you think?

[François Beaufort]