Chrome Canary now shows your printer status

chrome-canary-printer-statusWireless printers and similar technologies can be a bit complicated to many users, so it’s always nice to see Chrome improving such features. The latest Chrome Canary update allows us to see the printer status so we can easily make the necessary changes to continue working.

Those who use Chrome Canary will now see a status notification under the selected printer, as you can see in François Beaufort’s image. This is better than before, when you had to click the “Change” button to see if your printer was online or not.

It’s a neat little update for those who need to print from Chrome often. Like I’ve said before, it’s not a huge improvement, but all these features help Chrome mature. One small update is not important, but put many of them together and the experience is completely different.

You can go ahead and test it if you use Chrome Canary. For those who don’t know what Canary is, it’s pretty much Chrome’s Alpha release. It gets features before Chrome and Chrome Beta, but they are in an experimental stage.

Your browser will be more unstable if you use Canary, but it’s a nice way to check out all the new features Google is working on.

[François Beaufort]