Chrome Beta for Android gets a new, simpler tab switcher


Chrome for Android’s tab switcher is nice and flashy, but is that really what we want in a feature of this kind? Not really… we only look at the tab switcher for a few seconds, anyways. Why not make it faster and simpler? That is exactly what Google is doing with the new tab switcher for Chrome Beta for Android.

Click on the thumbnail to see full image.

The new tab switcher focuses on speed and simplicity. Tabs simply show the name of the site and no more. Yes, less information is shown, but it makes the portal look more elegant and organized. I happen to like it better.

This new tab switcher is intended to work on low memory KitKat devices. We are not sure if high-end smartphones will get the same treatment, but I certainly would like it. You can enable it if you have Chrome Beta for Android. Just go to chrome://flags/#accessibility-tab-switcher and enable the Accessibility Tab Switcher flag.

You can also download Chrome Beta for Android. I don’t use it all the time, but I enjoy having it installed just to check out all the experimental features.

[via François Beaufort]