Chrome Apps can now delete local files, but why does it matter?


Chrome Apps and extensions are one of the biggest reasons why Chrome is such an effective browsers. These browser applications can turn your browser into a very smart product, which is why Google is even able to pull of making a Chrome-based operating system (Chrome OS). Chrome Apps can do more and more every day, and today we are finding out that these apps are getting the ability to delete local files.

How does it work?

mediaGalleriesBeloved Chrome evangelist François Beaufort reports that the Chrome Apps using the mediaGalleries API to access media files can now delete files in local or external storage. These simply need to be granted the “delete” permission, which gives them access to the user’s files.

Why does it matter

Imagine you have an app that uses and manages your media. Currently, it is not an option to delete a song from said Chrome app, but this function makes such an action possible.

Francois also uses an example that will be much more interesting to see applied. This feature allows a Chrome app to delete photos,songs or videos from your internal/external storage once it has been uploaded to the cloud.

Google+ Photos uses automatic upload, for example. After the images upload, I usually just manually delete them from my SD card. Wouldn’t it be neat for Google+ Photos to just delete the files right after uploading them (with your permission, of course)?

I can’t wait to see more Chrome Apps taking advantage of a feature like this. Any smart device needs to be automated to a certain point – convenience and speed is key.

[François Beaufort]