Chrome for Android updated: improved language, tablet and data support


Chrome for Android stable release has been updated to version 28 and awesome features are not lacking! The new update comes with a pretty nice list of improvements, including fullscreen for tablets, better language support and data compression.

If these features sound familiar it’s because we have seen them in Chrome Beta version 28. The stable release offers a slightly better experience, though, as well as a more stable one. Aside from adding the translation bar, Google has added support for right-to-left languages. This includes Arabic, Farsi and Hebrew.

Users can now also enjoy fullscreen mode on their Android tablets. Simply scroll down and the menu bar will disappear, just like it does on your phone. And to top it off, Google will also be rolling out its experimental data compression feature. This compresses the websites you access, helping you save precious data and making the browsing experience faster.


Pretty neat, right? You won’t find me going to any right-to-left website any time soon, so the fullscreen mode for tablets is the most exciting feature for me. Taking advantage of your screen real estate is key to a good mobile browsing experience, where screen space is limited.

You can download the update straight from the Google Play Store, but be patient as it is slowly rolling out. Tell us, guys – which feature are you most excited about?