Cast Store is the best way to find Chromecast apps


We can all agree that finding Chromecast apps in the Google Play Store is currently a mess. The Google Cast SDK recently went live and a plethora of developers are updating their apps with Chromecast support, but currently we have to resort to searching “Chromecast” on the Play Store and pray for the best results.

The Google Play Store does have a portal for Chromecast apps, but it’s not updated with the newest Chromecast-supported apps. It only has Google’s official partners from before the emergence of the Google Cast SDK. These discrepancies are what inspired developer GoKo to create Cast Store for Chromecast.

What is Cast Store for Chromecast?

Cast Store is an Android app that aims to create a portal where one can find, search and browse Chromecast apps. It curates apps in the Google Play Store in an organized way, something Google hasn’t set up yet.

cast-store-logoCast Store is partly a social project. The developer has done a great job curating all the Chromecast apps, but we can suspect the number of new apps will become substantially bigger soon. This means the developer can’t do all the work himself, and this is why users can suggest new apps to be added to the list.

You can also create your own personal list of favorite apps, but let’s show you all the sections so you can more easily understand how the app works.

Cast Store categories

The app is very simple to navigate and browse, making it very easy to find the Chromecast apps you need. Here is how the UI is broken down.

  • Home: Displays Chromecast news and messages from the developer.
  • Apps: This is where you can find all the Chromecast apps. These are conveniently organized in categories, which include Education, Entertainment, Music, News and more.
  • Games: Those looking to have some fun with their Chromecast can check out the games section. It’s divided in 3 categories: Arcade & Action, Brain & Puzzle and Casual.
  • Suggest an App: This section allows you to suggest Chromecast apps that may not be listed in the Cast Store. Simply input the URL and you are set to go.
  • My favorites: You can easily put apps in your favorites by tapping on the star next to them. Starred apps will then be listed in the My favorites section.


Chromecast Development

I know my experience finding Chromecast apps has been a mess. This is why we try to show you any new Chromecast apps that are released – we know it’s hard to find them. Cast Store is looking to be very promising.

Check out the app! Browse and search for your new Chromecast apps. And don’t forget to suggest any new apps you may learn about.

Download Cast Store for Chromecast from the Google Play Store

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