Can’t Subscribe To RSS Feeds In Chrome? Now You Can!

I’m an RSS junky. I’ve got Google Reader set up to probably track 97% of all the websites on the internet. Okay, I’m exaggerating, but I love me some RSS. One huge irritation in Chrome is that you can’t (by default) subscribe to RSS Feeds very easily. A lot of times they show garbledygookish nothingness.

Google has actually developed their own extension called RSS Subscription Extension which will detects available RSS feeds from your omnibox and allow you to easily subscribe to them with One-Click.

I understand that Google wants Chrome to be slim, excluding all the fluff and including only what the user NEEDS, assuming they’ll download other bells and whistles if they so desire. They might argue that this is just a bell and whistle that i desire, but I’d suggest this is something that should be included in Chrome by default. Unless they’re working up some web standard that overakes RSS feeds but I don’t see that hapening any time soon… do you?