Build with Chrome: create and share your LEGO creations!

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 12.59.25 PM

If there is something that takes me back to the years when my biggest worries were wondering what toy to play with, it’s LEGOs. These bricks were my favorite thing in the world, and seeing a full box of them is always a blast from the past. This is why the latest Chrome experiment is my favorite – by far!

I can’t truly express how excited I am about Build with Chrome. What is Build with Chrome? In short, it’s a limitless box of LEGOs waiting for you. The experiments 3D graphics tehnology WegGL to create a virtual environment where you can build with LEGOs to your heart’s content.

Then what?

If that wasn’t cool enough for you, you can also share your creations. And we are not talking about just showing them off, you can literally place your buildings anywhere in the world. The experiment’s map already has some great creations by others and you can take a look at them if you want.

In addition, users can sign in via Google+ and see LEGO buildings created by people on their circles. I am completely stoked, in case you haven’t noticed! You can join the fun by going to Now excuse me… I have a lot of work to do!